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Send, receive and exchange cryptocurrency with free wallet

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You will never lose your funds and only you have control over them, which is guaranteed by our "bank-level" of security, which is based on strong encryption.

We are constantly thinking how more we can protect your funds.

We are inventing new and improved safety features to exclude any possibility of unauthorized access to your money.

Anonymous Transactions

No one (including our staff) can access your personal information.

It is because all your information is encrypted.

Only you have access to your account.

Easily transfer your coins

Easily send and receive your cryptocurrency to any wallet with 0% transaction fee.

Sent from Lisa$60.00
1a34f....4f2d0.0012 BTC
Received by Tom$60.00
1c53f....3a2e0.0012 BTC
Sent from Bob$40.00
1cd7f....4f2d0.0010 BTC
Received by Alice$40.00
1c53f....3a2e0.0010 BTC




Transfer Funds0%
Receive Funds0%
Monthly Service Charge (Monthly Fee)$0
Account Closing Fee$0
Dormant Account Fee$0
Other Service Fees$0

We offer completely free service for you.
Try it, you will never use other wallets.

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