Top partner challenge

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Partner contest
Starts 2021-11-15, ends 2021-12-15

Every month we are giving out 3 prizes:

First Place:


Second Place:


Third Place:


Current round ends in 12 days

How to participate?

Just create account at this site and start promote your Referral Link. Visit this page periodically to see the results.

1 Fern99 Member since:
15 Nov 2021
Active Referrals: 2
2 Meurssly Member since:
25 Sep 2021
Active Referrals: 1

Who wins?

The winner will be a partner with the highest volume of purchases made by referrals. The more purchases your referrals make the bigger chance for you to be a winner.
If you already made account and you are bringing referrals to our site, there is nothing you need to do to enter contest because you are already in!
The system is already tracking all purchases from your referrals and the winners will be announced on this page on 2021-12-15.
We wish you to be a winner!!!